1962, ©Marcelo Montealegre


1984, ©Marcelo Montealegre


2004, ©Marcelo Montealegre



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A brief encapsulated history...

Photojournalist, journalist and translator born in Puerto Montt,

Chile, April 2, 1936 and a resident of Manhattan since 1968. Studies:

Saint George's College; University of Chile; Catholic University,

Santiago; Empire State College, New York. Assistant Teacher at the

School of Journalism, University of Chile, Santiago; The New School,

New York, Conducted workshops for MIDINRA, Managua, Nicaragua.

Free-lance photographer for publications like "Time", "Newsweek",

"The Houston Post", "Oui", "Ercilla", "Der Spiegel", "La Voz" and

others. Worked with Liaison Agency and Echave & Associates, both of

New York. Twice married, first in 1958 to Vivien; one daughter, and in

1964 to Doris; three daughters and a son.

and on a more extended and personal vein...